TFW Testiomonies

These are REAL stories with REAL results that REAL people are experiencing now! Listen to all of these incredible life changes and know that there are thousands more like these worldwide that you can be a part of as well! Success doesn't discriminate, no matter who you are, if you want to be a part of La Familia Contact us today and change your life forever!

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Joshua Bauer

Josh is one of our warriors who is always eager to help encourage others along during their practices! To get to workout him is truly a great time! Listen to his story here!

Natalie Bransford

Hear Natalie's incredible story of how she became the warrior she is today! Before TFW Natalie was struggling to find motivation and energy in her teaching career and now has plenty of drive to keep up with all of her students!

Toni Harper

Toni can accurately be described a stick of dynamite, and that's still an understatement! You will know when Toni is going to be at your practice because you will hear her laugh echo from down the road before you see her enter the dojo! Listen to How TFW has changed Toni's life and what she brings to the dojo everytime!

Hayden Clark

Hayden is one of our warriors who will push himself into and through pain to get results! He has a story that you may relate to where he was active in exercise earlier in his life but somewhere he allowed responsibilities of life get in the way. Hear how TFW aligned Hayden's priorities again!

Jessica Bledsoe

Jessica is also known as Super Mom! Before TFW Jessica was struggling to keep moving forward, hear how TFW changed her life by building up confidence and energy in her to tackle the large days she has everyday!


Marquis is one Power House of a guy! He always adds a positive energy to the dojo and has hit some incredible milestones in his training! Hear how TFW has affected his health since he stopped working out on his own and started training at the dojo!

Katlyn Anderson

Katlyn is a very sweet and VERY powerful warrior! She is an awesome person to get to practice with if you get the chance. Hear how Katlyn juggles her crazy and unpredictable schedule to stay connected with her TFW Family here!

Christopher Agar

Chris Agar has an incredible transformation story! Hear how he overcam his struggles with depression and wanting to give up, to finding motivation or purpose through TFW! Agar's hard work and determination is paying off daily as he encourages warriors daily as the new and improved Coach Agar!