Covid-19 Precautions

Staff & Student Cleaning Procedures

1) Temperature checks at the door of all staff and students prior to entering the facility – any fevers are sent home and asked to see their doctor to get tested for COVID.

2) Daily disinfecting and cleaning of bathrooms and other common thoroughfares.

3) Daily disinfecting and cleaning of all dojo equipment.

4) Weekly deep cleaning every weekend by our certified Warrior Cleaning Crew (all surfaces, floors, etc.)

5) Sanitation stations are setup around the dojo for students to disinfect their equipment before and after each use.

6) Coaches are responsible and hold each other accountable to clean anything they touch and any equipment used by the previous class.

Staff & Student Conduct

1) Social distancing (6 ft) and other CDC recommendations (such as washing hands for 20 seconds) are to be followed inside and outside the dojo.

2) Masks are to be worn at all times while inside the TFW Stockyards training facility – masks are provided by the team, but students are also encouraged to bring your own.

3) Students are encouraged to train inside designated training pods that have been marked on the ground to ensure social distancing during workouts.

4) We ask our students to try to use the restroom before entering the dojo. We do not want to shut down our restrooms, we just want to limit use. If students use the restroom, they are asked to wash their hands for 20 seconds.

5) We ask that students please limit the amount of items, bags, etc. brought into the dojo.

6) Try to bring your own bottle of water that is filled up before getting to the dojo. Don’t worry if you forget, we still offer fresh, cold water.

7) Equipment should not be shared, and spotting should not happen unless the students are family members that give consent to do so.

8) No high fives for the time being. We limit to fist or elbow bumps for now.

9) Checking in is recommend to be done through the Zen Planner App instead of touching the check in tablet at the dojo – cotton swabs will be available for students who need to check in at the dojo.

10) There will be designated ENTRY and EXIT points at the dojo to avoid a bottle-necking.