TFW Core Values

TFW Physical Training

All of our students are part of a community that works and grows together. The program design we offer is one in a million, it allows our students to burn fat, build muscle, and increase self esteem without running the risk of injury. Our exercises are inspired by decades of wisdom from all around the world and help you reach your goals with a tremendous success rate!

TFW Philosophies

Story telling is one of the oldest and most effective ways to share on information effectively. That's why you will always hear a story at the beginning of each practice from one of our coaches. These stories help educate and encourage our students to keep their behaviors and actions outside of the dojo inline with the goals they set inside of the dojo.

TFW Nutritional Coaching

Here at TFW, we walk alongside our students and provide unique coaching and techniques that equip our students with new knowledge to adopt a healthy way of eating. When this new information is applied, it contributes greatly to the success of our student't goals and health for a lifetime.


TFW Stockyards